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Why are you quitting?

Family groupSurprisingly, many smokers will admit not giving much thought to smoking before lighting their first cigarette. If they had, many of them would probably not have started in the first place. Likewise, many smokers don’t give much thought to quitting before they quit, or ask themselves why they’re finally ready to kick the habit. But giving up smoking is a huge commitment that’s not easy. The more solid your reasons for quitting, the better.

So be sure to start this life-changing event with your eyes wide open. Make a list of why you’ve decided to quit and keep it with you at all times. Should temptation strike it’s a way for you to quickly remind yourself why you’ve committed to giving it up.

Here are some common reasons you may relate to:

  • Health: You want to look and feel better and lower your chances of getting a serious illness later in life.
  • Friends and family: People in your life are encouraging you to quit. Or maybe you want to create a smoke-free environment for your children, and stay healthy so you can see them grow up.
  • Money: You’ve ever calculated how much you spend on cigarettes every year and are astounded to discover how much of your money is literally going up in smoke.
  • Freedom from cigarettes: You’ve had enough of your addiction – from obsessive thoughts to smelling like an ashtray to needing your nicotine fix around the clock. You want to regain control.

Of course, your reasons will be personal to you. In fact, the more personal you can make them the better. Once your list is complete, find an image or photo that reminds you of your main reason for quitting. If you’re quitting for the sake of your child, grab a snapshot. If you’re quitting to save money, get a photograph from a holiday brochure of the thing you want to buy with the money you’ll save.

Now make several copies of your list and your image – one to keep at home, one to keep at work and one to carry around with you. The last one should ideally be kept where you would normally carry your cigarettes.

Now commit to looking at the image and rereading your list whenever you feel like you need to smoke. It might just be the one thing that saves you from slipping into temptation on your journey to quit.

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