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Stay healthy and smoke free

Will I put on weight while quitting?

Weighing-scalesMany people (but not everyone) gain a few pounds in the first 8-10 weeks after they quit smoking. But it’s a small price to pay for the enormous gains to your overall health and appearance.

If you continue to put on weight after the first two months, try and work out why and then change your habits. Here are our top tips for staying healthy and smoke free.


Don’t diet. Attempting two major behavior changes at the same time usually leads to failure at both. Wait at least two or three months after quitting before tackling any weight control program.


If you miss putting something in your mouth, use straws, toothpicks, cinnamon sticks or sugarless candy.

Carrots and Celery

Avoid snacking on fatty foods all day long. Try celery sticks, carrots or other non-fat snacks.


Become more active and start to walk or begin to exercise.


Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

Should I drink alcohol while giving up smoking?

Refreshing drinkIn the past you may have liked to smoke while you were having an alcoholic drink, so it’s possible that your usual choice of alcoholic drink is associated with smoking and could tempt you to smoke. As alcohol lowers inhibitions, your willpower might be reduced when you’ve had a drink, meaning it’s more difficult to stay off cigarettes. So while you don’t have to completely avoid alcohol while you’re quitting, if you do end up having a cigarette when you drink, it might be better to avoid those situations until you can beat temptation.

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